Hi there!

My name is Tana. I'm a photographer based out of Michigan, but you'll find me traveling any opportunity I have. I am inspired by fairytales and the beauty of nature in the world around me. Natural light is my favorite and I try to include a touch of whimsy in every photograph I take. I’m married to the most hilarious and best person I’ve ever met, Cody. He's the second half to this team and also an incredible videographer (see his videos here!)Pizza and ice cream are my two favorite foods. I am quoting The Office 99% of the time. I prefer mountains, forests, and thunderstorms over a sunny beach. Disney World is my second home. When I'm not traveling or taking pictures, I'm probably at home playing with my dogs + cats.

If you are looking for stiff formal photos, I'm not the gal for you. The laughs in between, the wind in your hair, the way you look at one another, that's the stuff I want to photograph. I want to show off what makes you and your love so unique.   I'm always up for a new adventures.

So let's talk, because I'd love to meet you!    



This is us.

My high school sweetheart/husband/partner in crime.

Together we travel the world, capturing peoples' love stories while creating our own.


Travel Dates

JULY 2017
Klagenfurt, Austria

Heidelberg, Germany
Paris, France
Chester + Eureka, CA

Brooklyn, NY

New York City





Joshua Tree + Los Angeles


Orlando, FL

APRIL 2018

Banff, Canada

Palm Springs + Joshua Tree