Let's do this thang!

If you’re just wanting a photographer to show up and get the typical, posed, smiling  shots, we might not be the best fit. And that’s totally fine, because you deserve to have a photographer there that will fit exactly all your wants and needs.

I'm not about posing you in multiple (and awful) "prom-like poses" and then having you repeatedly smile at the camera. Can you say boring?! I want to capture who you really are. I want to photograph you and your love's quirks, laughs, and tears. I want to see the way you light each other up or laugh so hard you snort. Because THOSE moments are the real, authentic, wonderful moments of your engagement or wedding day you'll want to remember. I pinky promise I’ll make this experience fun from beginning to end, that even though you’ll show up saying “we suck at getting our photos taken”, by the end of it you won’t even notice the camera and all you’ll be thinking about is how dang grateful you are for the weird amazing person you’re about to marry.

You don’t realize it now while you’re so focused on centerpieces and who’s sitting where and the colors of the bridesmaids dresses and flowers, photography is really the only thing that lasts past your wedding day. It’s something that will only increase in value over time because it will be all you have left to remember your first big adventure together.

If you’re fueled by sunsets and fresh mountain air, you’re down to hop a fence or two, obsessed with dog videos or love breaking tradition, we’ll be best friends in no time.  I'm a photographer for the adventurers, the wild, and the whimsical, the brides who don't mind getting their dress a little dirty or sneaking out of their reception for sunset photos.

Tell me all about you guys, the better I get to know you, the better I can photograph you!